I’m Mookyvet, an illustrator and designer with a passion for art and interactive media.  

Since the age of six, I’ve always been enthralled with game design and development; from the intricate yet vivid stories told in simple games such as Super Mario Bros. to more complex games like The Legend of Zelda and IceWind Dale; the ingenuity in level, puzzle, and character design; and the evolution of genres that continue to morph and blend with one another.

I have a particular love for games that are able to tell a good tale, whether it be something as simple yet enthralling as Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV or as intense and occasionally heavy-handed as Bethesda’s The Elder Scolls Series.

As an artist, I’m a big fan of simplified and vivid illustration and design.  I love vivid, bold colors and creating work that isn’t afraid to be both tooth-achingly cute and a little sinister at the same time.  I’m also a huge fan of web design and development and, if it were up to me, designing and coding websites as well as learning more about advancement in internet technology all day would make me one happy camper. 

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