The Commission Process

Current prices may be found on the Pricing Page.  Prices subject to change without notice.  This excludes active quotes.  Once a quote as been provided, prices are valid for up to 90 days.

Commissions are only accepted through the official commission Quote Form.  A quote will be provided based on a combination of:

  • Type of work: Bust, Full-body, Badge, Reference Sheet
  • Complexity: Sketch, Lined, Color (Flat or Detailed), Reference Complexity, and Scope (for TF Series)
  • Additional Features Requested: Backgrounds, Additional Characters
  • Media: Digital or Traditional

Complexity of work will determine the process used for payment and approval.

Information on subjects or themes that will not be accepted for commissions can be found on the FAQ.

Standard Commissions, Transformative Series, and Reference Sheets

For all commissions, payment is required after a quote is approved and before work begins.  For more information on payment, see the section Payment Process below.  When a sketch is completed, the artist will provide a low-resolution, watermarked image for approval.  At this point, the Client may request any changes up to 1 time, so any and all changes will need to be included within this request.  

For Sketch-only works, once changes have been made, the Artist will provide the final, high-resolution image files to the Client.

For Lined work, the Client may request changes up to 1 time after a sketch has been completed and presented.  The Artist will apply changes and complete the work at this time and provide the final, high-resolution image files to the Client.

For Colored work, the Client may request changes up to 1 time after a sketch has been completed and presented.  Once approved, the Artist will then proceed to line work and color.  The Artist will provide a low-resolution, watermarked in-progress image of the work halfway through the coloring process so that any major changes to color can be requested.

Once a commission has been fully completed, the Artist will provide a final high-resolution, watermarked image for approval and minor changes to color (pigment adjustments to small areas that may have been missed in previous change request) can be requested. The final, high-resolution image files in in JPG and PNG via a shared, private folder via Google Drive or OneDrive.  Images will remain available in this folder for up to 1 week.  Images will not be shared via any other service.

Streamed Work
For commissions streamed live for clients, full payment is required when the commission is accepted and before streaming begins.  If work cannot be completed during a singular streaming session, a schedule can be discussed so that the commissioner can view the full process.  If difficulties in scheduling appear to disrupt the commission process, then the Artist may choose the complete the work outside of the stream after notifying the commissioner.

Convention Commissions
Payment is requested in full, up front, for any and all commissions placed during conventions.  This helps to ensure that the Artist is able to work quickly and consistently through current convention queues without having to worry about missing or partial payments.

Payment Process

Payment for commissions ordered via this site will be accepted through Paypal.  The cost of the payment will only ever be the amount of the commission + any shipping fees (for traditional art).  Clients should NOT send payment directly to the Artist.  Instead,  the Artist will ask for the Client's email address and send an invoice detailing charges to be paid.

Clients that attempt to send money directly via Paypal will have the balance sent refunded and will be asked to instead pay via the aforementioned invoice.  If this occurs a second time, the Artist may choose to reject the commission.  

The Artist will NEVER ask for additional payment to be sent to cover Paypal fees.  Any amount sent over the base price provided in the commission quote should be considered as tip, which is still subject to Paypal fees.  If the client does send payment with any note or label denoting that an additional amount was sent to cover Paypal fees, payment will be returned and the commission rejected.

Payment for commissions, original art, prints, and merchandise sold at conventions is accepted through Square.  As with Paypal, the cost of payment will only ever be the quoted amount of the commission (or advertised amount of the physical art/merchandise) + any shipping fees (for traditional art that cannot be finished, or merchandise/prints that run out of stock, before the end of the convention).  The artist will NEVER ask for additional payment to be sent to cover Square fees.  Any amount sent over the base price provided in the commission quote should be considered as tip.

In short: Do not worry about Paypal or Square fees.  It is the Artist's responsibility, not the Client's, to handle these.


After payment is received, 100% refunds are available within the first 48 hours for any work that has not been started.  After 48 hours, partial refunds may be accepted and processed on a case-by-case basis in the following cases for digital work

  • For Sketches: Refunds are not available.
  • For Line-only Work: 25% if a sketch has been completed.  Once line work has begun, refunds are not available.
  • For Colored Work: 50% if a sketch has been completed.  25% if line work has been completed.  Once color work has begun, refunds are not available.

When a partial refund has been provided, the Client will receive a copy of whatever work has been completed in the current phase.  For example, if a Full-body, Flat-colored commission must be cancelled during the sketch phase, the Artist will provide a 50% refund as well as the completed sketch, but will not be required to finish the remaining work on the commission.

Refunds are also not available for traditional pieces that have already been started because the artist is unable to recoup the loss of supplies.

For sketchbook packages only: Full refunds can be given within the first 48 hours after purchase.  Partial refunds can be given at any time afterwards at the rate of the full amount of the order minus the full individual commission price for any completed work + the cost of the sketchbook itself. Commission pricing can be found here:

For example, if a refund is requested for a Mega Sketchbook Package ($1000) in which 4 full-body sketches ($30 x 4), 2 full-body lined works ($45 x 2), and 1 full-body colored work w/o background ($85) have been completed, then including the cost of the sketchbook (roughly $12) the refund given would be $693.


Commissions may be cancelled due to Client behavior deemed by the Artist to be excessively or continuously rude, childish, inappropriate, or vulgar.  This includes behavior in private messages; on the Artist's public pages, galleries, or directed to social media profiles; or within public stream chat.  

Please be advised that while the Artist does prefer to keep notes private, the contents may be made public if necessary.  

Refunds will not be provided in these cases and the client will be permanently blacklisted.  The artist will only provide one warning to mitigate bad behavior except in cases where it is considered excessive.

Turnaround Time & Communication

In general, the Artist strives to complete most work within 2-4 weeks.  However, turnaround time for work generally varies depending on the complexity of the work that was commissioned, the commissioner's order in queue, as well as the complexity of work ahead of theirs.  Commissioners should keep this in mind when given their place in queue after ordering their commission.  That said, the artist will make any and all attempts to maintain contact with clients during the commission process.  

Clients ordering work during Conventions, however, should be aware that turnaround time may be substantially increased due to the amount of work generally accepted during these events.  For example, a commission for a Client who is 4th in the queue may only take a couple weeks while a commission for a Client who is 12th in the queue may take a couple months.

That said, Conventions are generally the only instances in which the Artist will take on a queue of this size.  During other times of year, commission queues are generally maintained at a maximum of 3 works in progress at a time.

While working on a client's ordered piece, the artist will maintain contact and provide updates to the email address that the client provides.  For commissioners at conventions, the Artist may also request a phone number for speedier communication so that art completed before the end of the Convention can be picked up as quickly as possible.  When given an update on work and asked for approval, client's should respond within 48 hours to ensure speedy completion of work.  If the client does not respond within 48 hours, the artist reserves the right to bump their position in queue to a later slot in order to ensure work for other clients is not delayed.

If the client still has not responded by the time the artist completes all other work in their queue, the artist will make a second attempt at communication via text or email.  If the client has not responded to this second attempt within 7 days, the artist will make a final attempt at contact, including a public posting on their website at to request that the client make contact immediately to ensure that their work is completed in a timely fashion.  If the client does not respond to this final attempt within 30 days, the artist reserves the right to cancel the client's commission without a refund.

If Clients wish to contact the Artist, they may do so by emailing

Commission Updates

Commissioners interested in regular updates on the Artist's commission queue can find them either via the artist's blog ( or active Paintedlamb Trello Commission boards.  Currently active Trello boards available are:

While the Artist can be contacted via various social media outlets such as Twitter, Furaffinity, Deviantart, etc, the artist prefers that communication related to commissions are kept to email in order to assist in maintaining proper records.  That said, the artist may attempt to post final communication notices on any of these social media platforms if they believe the chances of getting in contact with a commissioner would be increased.

The Artist will not accept commission requests via Skype or other instant messaging platforms at any time.


Traditional pieces and prints that need to be shipped to the commissioner are sent via USPS.  Generally, the cost of shipping (including materials, signature confirmation/tracking, and shipping charges) is $9.

Additional Terms

The Artist retains the right to used rejected sketches or cancelled commissions as a foundation for other commissions or personal work.

Artwork often is not finished in the order that it is received.

If the Client wishes to personally color sketches or lined work they have commissioned, they may do so only AFTER alerting the Artist.  However, under no circumstances is the Client allowed to pay an outside Artist to modify or complete sketches or lined work purchased from Paintedlamb.

Clients may resize and crop the work for personal use in icons, wallpapers, and other graphics.  They may also upload the image to their own personal site or gallery for display as long as credit is given to the Artist.

The Artist retains all rights.  The Artist may also make prints of the work without the client's permission for sale or for display in their own personal gallery. Clients may use work for non-commercial, non-promotional purposes.  If the Client would like to own rights to commissioned images, an additional fee to purchase them may be discussed.  If rights have been purchased, then the Artist may not make prints for sale, but still retains the right to display the image online or printed in their own personal portfolios or within public or private art shows as a demonstration of completed work.

By requesting a quote for a commission from the Artist, you have agreed to the terms put forth in the full Terms of Service.

Failure to read the Terms of Service do not, in any way, exempt you from these terms.