Sketchbook Package: MINI


Sketchbook Package: MINI


This package nets you a brand new hardbound sketchbook containing custom sketches and illustrations of your choosing.  

The sketchbook measures 8.25" x 11" with a total of 176 archival-quality pages and you get the following custom work:

  • 10 single-character sketches (w/o background)
  • 5 single-character lined drawings (w/o background)
  • 1 single-character colored works (1 w/o background, 1 w/ background)

Once work is completed, the book can be shipped directly to you.

Normal Total Cost of all Commissions here: $575

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Ordering Process

Once purchased, you'll receive an email from to gather more information about the works you'd like included in the sketchbook.  I understand that these are a lot of pieces to purchase all at once, so it's not necessary that you have all 17 pieces already planned out.  But, in order to ensure that I can work at a steady pace, I may need at least rough ideas for 5 pieces you wish completed each month.  This may be slightly less depending on complexity (for example, with nothing else on my plate I could probably complete 10 sketches within a month's time.  However, if a full-body colored piece with a detailed background is included, I may only have time to complete 5 sketches alongside that piece).  

You'll be given private access to your own Trello board for the project and WIPs and final photos of each completed piece will be shared there to keep things organized and to allow you to add new ideas and references whenever you wish.

Notes on this Package

As this package involves a large amount of work to be completed, turnaround time can be between 3-6 months.  This also depends on how quickly you're able to decide which characters or themes you may want for which illustrations.

Number of characters is not restricted and group scenes are allowed.  However, additional characters will factor into the number of works you have left in the package.  

For example, you could ask for a group sketch of three different characters together.  This would take up 3 single-character sketch slots, leaving you with 7 remaining.  That said, to prevent crowding I would suggest no more than 3 characters per page.

All work will only be completed on the FRONT of each page in the sketchbook.  This is to ensure that pages can be easily removed from the book for framing without having to worry about hiding any work on the back.

Image references are NOT required.  I am more than capable of working off of a description.

Be aware that there are some things that I am better at drawing than others.  You can find a list of those things here in my FAQ.