Art Advice

What do you use to draw?

For digital work, I work on a Surface Pro 4.  As far as software, I mostly use Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop (6, but moving to CC now), Inkscape (sometimes to smooth line work), and Illustrator (though rarely).  I used to use Sai, but so far CSP's functionality has blown it out of the water since I switched over (You can make CIRCLES).

For traditional work, I generally work on smooth bristol or illustration paper.  It's thick and retains ink well without much smudging, though you may find that illustration paper offers even LESS bleeding than bristol.  For actual materials, I use alcohol-based markers (my collection is a mix of Blick Studio, Prismacolor, Shinhan, and Copic Markers),  a few different brands of pens for inking (Mostly Pitt but also Prismacolor and Copic), Sharpies, colored pencil, gel pens, and occasionally acrylic paint for opaque or special accents.

What tablet would you suggest for aspiring or rising digital artists?

Depends!  I've been using Wacom tablets all my life and they have, by far, the best responsiveness and fidelity.  If you're a really serious about it and don't mind dropping the dough on one, I'd very much suggest getting an Intuos.  if you don't have money, you can still try to aim for a small version.  They're great for starting out and will offer the same amount of fidelity as a large.  Just a lot less space.

If you're just looking to experiment and aren't sure if you want to really dedicate a lot of time to digital art, then I'd try first for a cheaper brand like a Monoprice.  The digitizer in non-Wacom tablets aren't quite as good so you do get some jitter, but they are definitely improving.  Monoprice tablets can be bought for as cheap as $25 depending on the size, so it's a good compromise for someone that doesn't want to drop $50 or more on a small Wacom.  And, if you don't like it and want to give it up, you have the opportunity to make someone's day better by giving it to another artist since re-selling might not net you very much in return.

If you're hella serious, though, and have the dough to spend, then you can try an interactive pen display or a Surface Pro.  Surface Pro 4 is the most recent iteration, and have higher levels of pressure sensitivity than the 3s, but in testing them both out the fidelity is pretty damn equal.  So, it may be more cost effective to just go for the older version.  If you're unsure, just head to an electronic's store that you know has them on display, or a Microsoft store, and spend some time testing on their Fresh Paint app.  It's great!

For interactive pen displays, Cintiq (by Wacom) is definitely on the high end in terms of price.  However, Monoprice also has one available that's cheaper and works just as well.  

Some people have also tested out the iPad Pro and mention that it's hella responsive.  However, be warned that the iPad Pro does utilize their mobile operating system and NOT the operating system for desktops and laptops.  This means that your options for applications are much limited until developers like Adobe, SmithMicro, etc decided to make more powerful versions of their software for Apple's mobile OS.

What about aspiring or rising traditional artists?

This is definitely harder. lol Try anything and everything.  If you're strapped for money, start out cheap.  Remember: the products don't make the art.  The ARTIST makes the art.  You don't need expensive supplies to make fantastic art.  I, for example, primarily use Blick Studio markers in my kit, which are on the low end in terms of cost and have a more limited range of colors.  But: I make it work, and so can you. :)  


Questions on Your Art/Preferences (For Commissions)

What are you good at drawing?

I like really sensual and feminine artwork, and my completed work really shows that.  I'm great at drawing humans, especially female or effeminate male characters, and have gotten better with anthros in the recent few years.  With backgrounds, I'm better with things that are natural and organic (trees, foliage, etc).

What are you not good at drawing?

Animals and feral characters, machinery and robotics, cityscapes, muscular or extremely masculine male characters (though this one has been improving a bit).

What are you willing to draw?

Humans, Anthros/Furry, Certain fetishes (asfr, transformation, stocking/pantyhose), Monster girls, Any couples (heterosexual, homosexual, etc), Adult Themes (there is an additional charge for this because scheduling these can be a hassle depending on where I need to work from).

I may add more in the future as I think of it.

What things do you refuse to draw?

I will give a definite no to certain fetishes (watersports, scat, vore, gore, inflation, diapers) and any sexual themes involving minors.

I may feel free to add more in the future.