Updates to Pricing + Other Things

Heya, peeps!

It's been a while since I was last able to publish an update here.  Mostly, this has been due to a few different things like:

  • Purchasing and moving into a new house
  • Handling new projects and management-related tasks at work
  • New puppers (she is big and fluffy and a HANDFUL)

The new house has been an absolute blessing, and I'm so glad I took this dive into homeownership.  The apartment we just left was an extremely cramped 2 bed/2 bath.  Near the end of our tenancy, I barely wanted to look at my desk because the room served as my office, my boyfriend's office, a kennel room for the pup, and extra storage.  Doing artwork in the living room was no better because the lighting was atrocious.  This made it nearly impossible to finish traditional work past sundown.  

Now, I have a full room to myself to use as my office space.  This means I can set up separate stations for digital art and traditional art, allowing me to keep my computer space at least somewhat free of clutter.  I also have more space to keep my art books and manuals there instead of essentially storing everything in the living room.  But, above all: the LIGHTING.  It's SO much brighter!

Moving forward, I'm planning on replacing my current desk, as I don't really like it.  I'm currently using an L-shaped desk and it was pretty useful when it had to double as my traditional art station.  However, now that I've relocated all of that to a separate table, the extra arm pretty much just gets in the way.  It's still a great desk, though, so I'll likely just give it to the boyfriend as I think he'd enjoy using it.  I'll most likely just pick up something big, yet simple, from Ikea whenever I have a little more spare cash. :)

And, now that I've gotten that out of my system: on to art-related stuff!

Over the past day or so, I've been going through my pricing page in order to update the base pricing for character illustration and ref sheet commissions.  A lot of the simpler commissions for sketches and line art has been reduced in price.  Some color commission types have been reduced as well.  There's also an additional listing for chibi pricing.  Pricing for Ref Sheets will be added as soon as I have the time, but it may take a couple more days to figure out.

I'll likely be opening some slots over the next couple weeks.  Right now, it'll mostly be for badges and at a reduced price so I can generate some additional examples for display at conventions.  These will likely be with some stipulations (for example, no mailing and if they wish to keep the original they'll need to pick it up at FWA next spring).  I think that'll help keep me from having to draw the same character a million times just to generate samples. XD

And, in other news, I think I'll be setting up a solid weekly schedule for streaming.  I'm planning on doing a stream every Saturday or Sunday night, likely starting at 8pm and continuing until I run out of steam (but, for a minimum of 3 hours). That way, I can chat with people more while I work, and maybe do a few sketch streams between now and next spring.  

At any rate, that's pretty much all I have to update with at the moment.  My commission queue is empty, including queues from conventions with the exception of one commission that I still haven't gotten a response about from the commissioner.  So, it's kind of stuck in limbo until they get back to me. :/ But, there's nothing I can do about it if they don't tell me what they want, so I'm not going to fret.

Thanks for reading, and much love!