FWA Con Badge Queue: May 16

Another quick update!  :(  I was able to get the most recent batch of badges colored and laminated, but wasn't able to get to the post office before it closed this morning ;_;

I'm going to try to get things sent out tomorrow instead and I'm hoping that I can find a UPS Store that's actually open on a Sunday (or a FedEx, maybe?)  I may be a bit busy Monday - Wednesday, so if not Sunday then I may have to push things back to Thursday. 

DX Sorry for the delays, guys!  I was really aiming to get these out this weekend.  :(


  1. Kiyoshi
  2. Checker
  3. GOAT!!!
  4. Sona


  1. Jeani - Shipped!
  2. Echo - Shipped!
  3. Krowsy - Shipped!
  4. Kilo - Pending Shipping
  5. Winston - Pending Shipping
  6. Slushie - Pending Shipping
  7. Zerrick - Pending Shipping