FWA '16 Commission Queue Update #5

Hey, guys!

It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to work on badges and post another update, but this weekend's been a pretty productive one.  I was able to burn through another three badges in my queue, and have three left.  I'll be doing my best to make some time to finish more tomorrow as well, and will update again if I finish more. :) 

As always, feel free to check out the queue and its updates on my Trello board: 


In case I haven't already announced it here, I'm also not planning on attending Fangcon this year as I'd like to dedicate some time to creating more original art for prints and merchandise rather than fanart.  

In other news, I've also been a little busy as I'm in the middle of purchasing a house.  I'm so excite! :D

Anyways, thanks to all of you for your patience, and I'll update again as soon as possible.