FWA '16 Commission Queue Update #1

Hey, guys!

It's been a few days since the end of FWA, and I've had to take a bit of time to re-adjust to my normal work schedule, and to contend with some minor health issue (mostly some jacked up back pain XD).  But, I should be able to work on commissions from the convention queue starting this weekend.  :)  

I've already created a Trello board for this, which can be found here:  https://trello.com/b/kSLc1d2P/fwa-2016

There's one commission in particular that's a bit confusing for me, as I took down the person's info but they didn't include a phone number or email address I could use to contact them.  In addition, I don't have any references that are unaccounted for.  The commission is labeled with questions marks and set with the commissioner's first name (that was the only thing I could go by to identify them).  So, if this is you, please shoot me an email at admin@paintedlamb.com

In the future, I'll be making a more detailed commission form.  The current one I've used for the past few cons has worked pretty well, especially since it's a great size for me to tuck away and stuff into one of the boxes where I keep important badge supplies.  However, it was still mostly a stand-in until I could design a different form that could hold more information.  So, I'll guess I'll be starting on that soon.

As for how the convention itself went, I think I more than broken even, and was able to take in enough that I can FINALLY upgrade my current collection of markers.  I've been doing a bit of research online and I think that most affordable sets that can give me quality rivaling Copics are probably going to be Shinhan Touch Twin Brush markers.  One of their two larger sets of 60 equals about $250 in price, which is a far cry from one of the many 72 sets for Copics priced at $350.

In the end, I've always believed that the materials don't make the artist, and I've been able to create works with amazing quality with much cheaper materials with narrow ranges of color.  However, upgrading from Blick Studio Markers, which fills the bulk of my collection, to Shinhan brush markers should at least make my job go by a bit faster, especially considering how much I love brush nibs compared to chisel nibs.

Oh, and did I mention they're REFILLABLE.  I'm already in love.

At any rate, thanks to all of you that came by and chatted with me during the con!  I'm always concerned that I may seem standoffish, especially when I'm working, since I never feel as if I have anything useful to say. XD  But I absolutely love when people stop to chat with me, and meeting so many nice people definitely made my weekend.

I'll post more updates in the future as I whittle away at this queue, and I'm setting a personal goal to be finished with everything and get it all shipped out before the end of May.