FWA '16 Commission Queue Update #4

Hey guys!

Another short update here for you.  I'm about to send out the first batch of commissions from the convention.  These will be for :

  • Invoker
  • Mio
  • Oliver
  • Allan

I organized and put away most of my paperwork after adding all of the commission information to Trello, and now I'm not sure where I stored it.  So, at the moment, I've had to email several of you to get your mailing address.  So, I'll be heading to the post office to get them shipped out as soon as I have all the replies back.  So far, I already have an address to send out Invoker. :) 

This should ensure I can get these sent out sooner and then afterward I can go scouring through all my boxes for the commission slips. XD

Also, I planned on sending these out a week ago, but got caught up with a lot of stuff at work so didn't get much of an opportunity.  But, this weekend's a lot less busy so I have more than enough time to run an errand like this.  :/  Normally, my schedule is pretty weird (like, SUPER weird), so there are very narrow windows of opportunity for me to make it to the Post Office before it closes.

At any rate, I'll start working on the next batch of commissions this weekend.  As always, feel free to check out the Trello board for convention commissions here if you want to keep up with what's being done, what's finished, etc: https://trello.com/b/kSLc1d2P/fwa-2016

Also, I do a TON of lurking on Twitter, so feel free to also communicate with me there. :)  I'll probably be posting updates once I've gotten more of this queue out of the way about YCH commissions and other things that I'm excited about~