FWA 2017 - Commission Queue Update #1

Hey, guys!

Today's officially been errand day, so I haven't had a chance to start on commissions.  However, since I have tomorrow off I should be able to dive in during the morning hours. :)  

I did go ahead and compile all the information I have on my convention queue into Trello, and you can find a link to the board listing everything just below.

FWA 2017https://trello.com/b/prDg066u

As in previous years, I'll add updates as I go and move things between categories as I finish and ship them out.  :D If anyone has any questions about one of their commissions, however, you can always email me at admin@paintedlamb.com

I'm so excited to get started on these because I got so many queue orders this year (SO MANY SPARKLES <3 <3 <3 ), and I know each and every one of them will be a ball to work on X3

As for future convention news, I'm tentatively planning on going to Fangcon, finances permitting.  But, I'll give more updated on that later as I work on planning for it.


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Updates to Pricing + Other Things

Heya, peeps!

It's been a while since I was last able to publish an update here.  Mostly, this has been due to a few different things like:

  • Purchasing and moving into a new house
  • Handling new projects and management-related tasks at work
  • New puppers (she is big and fluffy and a HANDFUL)

The new house has been an absolute blessing, and I'm so glad I took this dive into homeownership.  The apartment we just left was an extremely cramped 2 bed/2 bath.  Near the end of our tenancy, I barely wanted to look at my desk because the room served as my office, my boyfriend's office, a kennel room for the pup, and extra storage.  Doing artwork in the living room was no better because the lighting was atrocious.  This made it nearly impossible to finish traditional work past sundown.  

Now, I have a full room to myself to use as my office space.  This means I can set up separate stations for digital art and traditional art, allowing me to keep my computer space at least somewhat free of clutter.  I also have more space to keep my art books and manuals there instead of essentially storing everything in the living room.  But, above all: the LIGHTING.  It's SO much brighter!


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FWA '16 Commission Queue Update #5

Hey, guys!

It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to work on badges and post another update, but this weekend's been a pretty productive one.  I was able to burn through another three badges in my queue, and have three left.  I'll be doing my best to make some time to finish more tomorrow as well, and will update again if I finish more. :) 

As always, feel free to check out the queue and its updates on my Trello board: 


In case I haven't already announced it here, I'm also not planning on attending Fangcon this year as I'd like to dedicate some time to creating more original art for prints and merchandise rather than fanart.  

In other news, I've also been a little busy as I'm in the middle of purchasing a house.  I'm so excite! :D

Anyways, thanks to all of you for your patience, and I'll update again as soon as possible.


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FWA '16 Commission Queue Update #4

Hey guys!

Another short update here for you.  I'm about to send out the first batch of commissions from the convention.  These will be for :

  • Invoker
  • Mio
  • Oliver
  • Allan

I organized and put away most of my paperwork after adding all of the commission information to Trello, and now I'm not sure where I stored it.  So, at the moment, I've had to email several of you to get your mailing address.  So, I'll be heading to the post office to get them shipped out as soon as I have all the replies back.  So far, I already have an address to send out Invoker. :) 

This should ensure I can get these sent out sooner and then afterward I can go scouring through all my boxes for the commission slips. XD

Also, I planned on sending these out a week ago, but got caught up with a lot of stuff at work so didn't get much of an opportunity.  But, this weekend's a lot less busy so I have more than enough time to run an errand like this.  :/  Normally, my schedule is pretty weird (like, SUPER weird), so there are very narrow windows of opportunity for me to make it to the Post Office before it closes.


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FWA '16 Commission Queue Update #3

Hey, guys!  

It's been a bit since I last posted and update!  So far, I've managed to finish two items in my commission queue and start on a third.  Normally, commissions don't take me quite this long.  However, the second item in my queue from the convention was pretty detailed and was also something I don't tend to do very often (a full reference sheet).  So, it took me a while to get it right and to finish it and all the detailing.

That said, I'll be jumping full swing into the remaining list of commissions I have this weekend.  The majority of the remaining work are badges, with a few full-body commissions here and there, so I doubt it'll take me as long to get through them and I should be able to continue at a much faster page.  Especially since most of them are traditional. :)

If you'd like to actively track what's going on with the queue, please remember to check out out the Trello Board I have published for the FWA 2016 queue here: https://trello.com/b/kSLc1d2P/fwa-2016

And, as always, remember that you can email me at admin@paintedlamb.com if you have any questions at any time.  I try to check that address at least a couple times a day, so it shouldn't take me very long to get back to you.  If you try to send me a note somewhere else like FA or Twitter, it could take me a few days to get back to you since I check those place less often (especially FA).  


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