FWA: Pre-Con Update #1

What's up, people!  Just thought I'd write up an update since FWA is fast approaching and I noticed it's been a while since I made a post here.

Right now, I'm definitely planning on attending the convention and have a number of things I'm attempting to wrap up before it starts.  I managed to claim a few Art Gallery panels, so  I'll be framing some of the original art I've made in the hopes of selling them off and making some space in my portfolio binder for new stuff. :)  

In addition, I have some new stickers and prints coming along (or at least they will be once I restock my ink. OTL).  The main thing I really have to worry about now is figuring out just how much space I'll have.  I missed out on claiming a Dealer's Den table when signups opened, so I'll be situated in the Artist's Alley like last year.  While I don't have as many smaller physical items to sell (the pokemon jewelry is pretty much gone), I do have a lot of larger prints that I'll be bringing with me and will need to figure out how I'll be displaying them.  

In this case, I can probably get away with getting rid of my 18+ portfolio book entirely since whatever mature pieces I have will be going up in the Art Gallery.  Then, I can just make that a book for displaying available prints.  Should take up way less table space.  

Otherwise, since I've revamped my main 'sona I'll need to create a new badge for her as well. XD  However, I still have no idea what I want to do with that yet, so it may take a bit more time.

At any rate, I hope to see you guys at the convention and I may post up another update before the end of March creeps up on me.  

Much love!