FWA Con Badge Queue: September 5

Final update, I'm sure. :)  I've got one badge left to finish re-drawing since I made a mistake with the first version.  But, I'm hoping to get that finished and out in the mail some time this week.  Then, I should be ALL DONE and can focus on prepping things for Fangcon in Tennessee next month.

Thanks again to all of the wonderful people that commissioned me at FWA this year, and sorry if your order was delayed longer than expected.  I hope to see some of you next month, or next year at FWA. :)  


  1. GOAT!!! - Sketching~


  1. Jeani - Shipped!
  2. Echo - Shipped!
  3. Krowsy - Shipped!
  4. Kilo - Shipped!
  5. Winston - Shipped!
  6. Slushie - Shipped!
  7. Zerrick - Shipped!
  8. Kiyoshi - Shipped!
  9. Checker - Shipped!
  10. Sona - Shipped!