FWA Con Badge Queue: July 4

Hey, guys!

This past month has been CRAZY busy for me, so I'm sorry that I haven't put out an update in a while.  I've finally finished moving into the new place and holy CRAP, is it way better here.  The apartment's a bit smaller than the last one, but at the very least I'm not terrified that the place will get broken into or that someone will try to mug me or whatever.  The last place was REALLY that bad. 

In addition, because of my promotion at work I've had a lot more stuff on my plate so things have been pretty tiring.  All in all, it's taken me a couple weeks to really wind down and find some spare time to work on things.  

But, I totally have!  You guys can find the updated badge queue just below.  For those that are marked 'Sketched', I'll be sending out pictures of the sketches as soon as I'm able to charge my phone and turn it back on.  :)  For the other two, I'll be getting those sketches worked out in the next couple of days~


  1. Kiyoshi - Sketch complete!
  2. Checker - Sketch complete!
  3. GOAT!!!
  4. Sona


  1. Jeani - Shipped!
  2. Echo - Shipped!
  3. Krowsy - Shipped!
  4. Kilo - Shipped!
  5. Winston - Shipped!
  6. Slushie - Shipped!
  7. Zerrick - Shipped!