Moving + Badge Update


So, the big move is complete and it took longer than expected to unpack all of my stuff and I'm STILL not all done with it.  :(  At the very least, however, I have the majority of my clothing, electronic equipment, furniture, and whatnot set up so there's that.  

It took a while to actually dig out my art supplies since I didn't properly label the boxes they were in, so it's taken an extra week to actually get everything situated so that I can start working on badges again. XD  However, I'll be trying to get some sketching in prior to work during the week to make up for it.  

Right now, I only have four left so I'm pretty excited about that!  Finishing them all took longer than I expected it to ( :(  I'd initially hoped to get through with all of them BEFORE June), but work and the move have really eaten up more time than I thought they would.  This is especially true since a recent promotion has given me more responsibilities than I had previously, so it's been weird to juggle them all.  

BUT, I've made pretty good headway during the weeks when I could dedicate large chunks of time to finishing these badges so I'm optimistic that I can get this final batch out in the mail within the next couple of weeks.  As a bit of transparency, this coming weekend will be a little difficult for me since I'll be going out of town to visit family and pick up my niece, who will be staying with me for a few weeks.  But, since my family lives in the middle of nowhere with no internet, I'll be taking my supplies with me and hoping that I'll have free time while there to dedicate to drawing with very little distractions. :)  If I do get a chance to finish anything, I'll definitely keep all of you in the loop.

In OTHER news, I am most definitely heading to FangCon this year and can be found in the Dealer's room. :)  In addition, I should be at FWA next year as well and I'm hoping that I'll get the opportunity to claim a spot in the Dealer's room there as well.  That should give me more table space for drawing and all that jazz since the Artist Alley tables were a bit cramped this year.  

Anyway, I guess that's all I have for now.  Thanks, all of you, for hanging in there with me and you can find the most up-to-date badge queue listed just below.  


  1. Kiyoshi
  2. Checker
  3. GOAT!!!
  4. Sona


  1. Jeani - Shipped!
  2. Echo - Shipped!
  3. Krowsy - Shipped!
  4. Kilo - Shipped!
  5. Winston - Shipped!
  6. Slushie - Shipped!
  7. Zerrick - Shipped!