Update and Stuff!

Hello, to those of you actually reading this. :)  Just popped in to give a quick update on stuff.

The week after FWA has been pretty hectic, but I think in a good way!  I don't do cons often, and definitely never do the artist alley-thing, so the experience was a little more exhausting than I really expected and I think it took a day or so for me to recover (especially since sitting for so long each day caused some leg-swelling problems for me x_x)

But now, I think I'm feeling a lot better.  In regards to art, I'm still working on completed badges.  My regular job has me working on week nights for about 10-hour straight, so the only time I generally have for are is right before I have to leave for work or, during the three-days I have off over the weekend. :)

I'm covering for someone else on their shift this week, however, so I may not get as much done as I'd like.  I -am- working tonight and should have tomorrow night off, but the shift I'm covering is from Sunday to Wednesday so I'll be going right back in again after tomorrow night. XD

But, thankfully, shifting back to my regular schedule nets me an extra two-days so I'd like to power through as much as I can over the five-day weekend it'll earn me. :)  

At any rate, for you badge-commissioners, I'll be starting work again tomorrow night and finishing up one or two more.  I'll try to ship those that I finish out on Monday, but since I'm working that day this week I may not get to (if I wake up too early, then I run the risk of falling asleep while driving home the next morning DX).  However, if I don't get to send them out that day then I can definitely mail them out on Thursday. :)  

After that, I'll spend Thursday - Sunday working on more badges and should ship whichever of those I manage to finish over those days out the following Monday. \o/

Anyways, that's all the news I have right now.  Thanks for reading!