FWA Con Badge Commission Queue: April 14th

Just an update for those that ordered badges from me at FWA. :)  I'll mark things finished as I go along instead of removing them, that way no one gets confused about where they stand.  

As far as mailing, I'll probably ship all those that I have each week on Mondays, since the post office is a bit out of the way for me.  Also, you may see more consistent updates from me over the weekend rather than during the week, since I have to go back to work now (DX Curseeesss~)  

Just as a note, these are listed by character name rather than commissioner name. :3  I don't want to just put your real names out there and stuff, after all:


  1. Echo
  2. Krowsy
  3. Kilo
  4. Winston 
  5. Slushie
  6. Zerrick
  7. Kiyoshi
  8. Checker
  9. GOAT!!!
  10. Sona


  1. Jeani