Fangcon Commission Update #5

Just another quick update! I've finished the last of the badges, but like a doof I forgot my lamination sheets at home and since I'm out of state for the holiday I won't be able to laminate them for shipping until I go back at the end of this week. 

:3 That said, at least the bulk of everything is finished at this point. Hooray!  

Commission Queue  

  1. Soron: Full-Body Color Illustration + Background 

Finished Work (Awaiting Shipping)

  1. Bella: Dollie Badge
  2. Gisk: Full-Body Sketch
  3. Soron: Waist-up Badge  
  4. Krass: Waist-up Badge


  1. Inkie: Bust Badge 
  2. Nyx: Waist-up Badge
  3. Candy: Full-body Color Illustration
  4. Lucy: Bust Badge
  5. Butter: Bust Badge