Important Notice for FWA '15 Commissioner

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to make a quick journal to try to reach out to a commissioner from FWA '15 whose contact information I've lost.  The singular badge I have remaining is awaiting sketch approval, and since I made the mistake of accidentally screwing up something in the first sketch before inking ( :( I still feel crappy about that!), I'd rather make sure they really like this final sketch before I finish it up.  

Last contact I made was in September, to ask for sketch approval.  They let me know that they had to get back to me because they had some things to take care of, but so far I haven't heard a thing. :<

This badge is for a really rad looking, grunge-style goat. :(  I remember the email address and site having something to do with 'Nightengale', but I can't find anything I wrote down and since I had to change phones recently and syncing info over got botched I don't have a phone number either. 

So, please, if this is you, please shoot me an email at  I hope things are going well for you, and I'd really love to finish your badge soon and get it to you. :3  

As for everyone else: Thanks for bearing with me!