Fangcon Commission Update #4

Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to put out another update on commissions from FWA. :)  It looks like I only have a small handful of things left, and I'm about to get to work on them now so that HOPEFULLY, I can finish up all the badges before Christmas starts.  I'll be out of town during Christmas week, but I'll continue to work on pieces while I'm away since I'll be taking all of my gear with me.

Additionally, I was finally able to replace my laptop with a new device!  Thus far, I've been taking a few YCH commissions so that I can become more accustomed to using it for art, and I'm really love it so far!  So, I should be taking even more regular digital commissions soon. :)

As far as tracking commissions, however, I may be switching entirely over to Trello at some point.  But, for now, I'll continue to use my website to post queue updates in blog entries. :)

Commission Queue

  1. Soron: Waist-up Badge  
  2. Krass: Waist-up Badge  
  3. Soron: Full-Body Color Illustration + Background 

Finished Work (Awaiting Shipping)

  1. Bella: Dollie Badge
  2. Gisk: Full-Body Sketch


  1. Inkie: Bust Badge 
  2. Nyx: Waist-up Badge
  3. Candy: Full-body Color Illustration
  4. Lucy: Bust Badge
  5. Butter: Bust Badge