Fangcon Commission Update #1

Hey guys! I went ahead and sorted  through all of my commissions from the convention  and compiled a list of everything I'll be working on. Everything is listed  by character, not commissioner.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at :) Thanks! 

  1. Inkie: Bust Badge
  2. Nyx:Waist-up Badge  
  3. Candy: Full-Body Color Illustration  
  4. Lucy: Bust Badge 
  5. Butter: Bust Badge 
  6. Bella: Dollie Badge
  7. Gisk: Full-Body Sketch  
  8. Soron: Waist-up Badge  
  9. Krass: Waist-up Badge  
  10. Soron: Full-Body Color Illustration + Background