Fangcon Commission Update #3

More updates!  I got a lot complete over the weekend, so I should have a pretty nice group to ship out in the next couple of days.  :(  I work weird hours, so I don't have much time over the week to actually head to the post office, plus I don't like going unless I have an adequate amount of things to send out.  But, with about 5 or so things ready to go, I think this next trip should be large enough.  It's Sunday and post offices are closed today, so I'm going to aim for either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (depending on what my work schedule is like this week).  :3  But, I'll be putting up another update when I get things mailed.  I'll also update this post if I get anything else finished today as well. 

Finished Work (Awaiting Shipping)

  1. Inkie: Bust Badge 
  2. Nyx: Waist-up Badge
  3. Candy: Full-body Color Illustration
  4. Lucy: Bust Badge
  5. Butter: Bust Badge 

Commission Queue

  1. Bella: Dollie Badge - Coloring: 25%
  2. Gisk: Full-Body Sketch  
  3. Soron: Waist-up Badge  
  4. Krass: Waist-up Badge  
  5. Soron: Full-Body Color Illustration + Background 

And some pictures!