Goodbye, Fangcon :(

Holy crap, was the convention fun!  But, now it's over and time to go back to the daily grind (bweh)

The drive home was a bit longer than normal, and I had some things to catch up with for work as soon as I got home.  So, I haven't had a time to unpack and organize just yet.  

For my commissioners, this past weekend was pretty hectic for me, and I'm going to give my hands a couple days rest before I get back to work on art since they're cramping a bit after so much drawing.  In addition, having to go back to work again tomorrow and being stuck at a computer for several hours each night won't help very much, so I don't want to put myself in a position where it starts hurting.

That said, I'll most definitely be right as rain by this weekend and, in the meantime, will be going through my list of commissions and making sure they're organized, and should be able to post up a list so you can all check the status of everything. :)  I may also run a few streams as I work on stuff, so definitely keep an eye out for that as well!

At any rate, thanks for all of you that ordered work for me!  I'm hoping I can work through it all at a pretty brisk pace~