OPEN Badge Commissions + Project Ideas

Yo, peeps! 

Just decided I'd write up another update. Right now, I only have one badge left in my queue, but can't really finish it until the commissioner approves the sketch. Which means that, at the moment, I'm twiddling thumbs and doing other things to pass the time. XD

I'll probably be posting images of some of the badges I've finished since the con earlier this year. It's a bit of a bummer because I've lost a lot of the pictures I originally took of them, since my phone died on me right after the con. But, I did manage to salvage a few and I really love how they turned out. :) 

As for more badges, I'll be taking on more at Fangcon  at the end of the month. For now, however, I'm opening about two to three slots for badge commissions that I can use as examples during the convention. So, if you're going to Fangcon and wouldn't mind picking up your badge at the END of the convention on Sunday, or if you are going to another convention held after Fangcon and wouldn't mind waiting until after it's over to get yours in the mail, feel free to send me a note. Currently, prices for badges are as follows (if I need to mail it, just add $5 on to the price to cover shipping costs):

  • Headshot - $45
  • Waist-up - $55
  • Themed - $70

 In addition, I've been toying with the idea of doing maybe 1 to 2 large-scale commission projects each year. 

Specifically, this project would be to create a custom character reference book for the commissioner, which would include up to 20 works featuring this specific character. This would include:

  • 10 sketches
  • 5 lined works
  • 2 full-color works
  • 2 full-color works + BG and 1-2 extra characters
  • 1 reference sheet: front and back + headshot and color guide
  • A simplified character head icon (much like the logo I use here on this site)

Once all works are complete, they would be organized into a professionally printed 8"x10" hardcover photo book. In addition, since all works will be done in traditional media (with the exception of the reference sheet and character icon head, which would be digital), they would also receive the original works themselves along with the final hardcover book.

In all, I plan on pricing the project at around $850, or $900 for books that include works that are adult in nature (additional cost for adult work is because I cannot work on adult artwork in public places or when visiting family, which severely limits when I can and cannot work even when I have the time in some instances). 

I think this is pretty fair as, priced normally, this amount of work from me would generally cost someone upward of $1000 or so, not to mention the cost of materials and for printing the book itself. However, I'm discounting it slightly since commissions are technically being ordered in bulk. That said: I do think that, over all, the end product would definitely be worth the cost.

For now, I'm not making any definitive announcements on when I'd be offering them, because I'd like to actually create a sample book first in order to get a feel for just how long it would take. So, I guess that means I'll get a lot of practice drawing Pearl. :) (hooraaaay~)

However, if anyone's curious about the project or has any questions, feel free to hit me up.